The fast casual restaurant served up its last Mediterranean meals Friday afternoon.

Basil Leaf Grill, a Mediterranean fast casual restaurant at Loudoun Station, has closed its doors. The Burn got the news Friday afternoon that they were closing down as of 5 p.m. after more than two years in business.

Image: Basil Leaf Grill

Basil Leaf Grill was similar in style to Cava, in that you customized your meal — selecting your base (rice, salad, etc.), your protein (steak, chicken, ground beef, shrimp, etc.), your toppings and your sauces. The restaurant was the brainchild of chef Reza Monsefan, who was often found behind the counter greeting guests himself.

The store posted a farewell notice on social media, their website and the front door. It indicates Monsefan is already working on future restaurant ideas. Meanwhile, it’s too soon to know what might replace Basil Leaf in the space at Loudoun Station.

(Thanks to reader Jordan Greene for being the first one to send us this news tip.)

  1. feathers 6 years ago

    I’m shocked…NOT!

  2. Mark 6 years ago

    What a shame, great place to eat, we went there often. Always friendly service and great food.

  3. LouisD 6 years ago

    Not surprised. Any time we were there the place was basically empty while there were lines at Burger 21 and other nearby locations.

  4. Haresh 6 years ago

    I have enjoyed their foods. Sorry to see them closing.

  5. Rob Blackstone 6 years ago

    I think the market is saturated for Mediterranean fast casual restaurants. CAVA, Roti, Cafesano, etc. And a lot of kabob places also serve Greek food.

  6. Charlie 6 years ago

    It was nice having quality food and a nice atmosphere in casual dining. Sad to see them go.

  7. Raydar 6 years ago

    Never even heard of it. And my wife works in Loudoun Station.

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