The new concept will be an Indian-themed sports bar and restaurant.

Johnny’s New York Style Pizzeria in the Broadlands Village Center is undergoing an extreme make-over. The pizzeria across from Parallel is remodeling and will soon be known as Adda Bar & Restaurant. Adda is a Hindi word roughly meaning “gathering place.”

Adda will be a Indian-themed sports bar and restaurant. A new bar is being built and television sets are being added. A manager says they will show American sports as well as Indian sports, such as cricket matches. The menu will also change to feature more South Asian dishes and flavors. Pizzas will remain a part of the menu, but even those will feature more toppings common to Indian cuisines.

Images: Johnny’s New York Style Pizzeria

This is at least the second Ashburn-based Indian sports bar, coming after Chopathi launched a similar concept called Darubar in the space next door to their Goose Creek Village restaurant. Indian-style pizza is also not new with both Chicago Pizza with a Twist and Pizza 360 opening recently in Ashburn.

Various reports say Loudoun County has roughly 25,000 residents of Indian heritage, so there will likely be a solid customer base for these new offerings.

Johnny’s remains open during the transition. Look for the new name and menu to launch some time in August.

  1. Jim A. 4 years ago

    Great, we’ll have more Indian places and burger joints than any place in the entire country.

  2. Joe 4 years ago

    I’ll miss Johnny’s. Great NY Pizza and better than Sal’s. I am surprised the All American Bar is not protesting another sports bar in the plaza. Conflict of interest or is something else happening down the road?

    • LouisD 4 years ago

      I don’t think they’ll be appealing to the same audience.

  3. Fred 4 years ago

    I agree with Jim A. Ashburn lost the only Austrian restaurant in the area and has gained multiple BBQ, burger and pizza joints. Where’s the diversity???

  4. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Sad news. I am going to miss their pizza !

  5. rjd 4 years ago

    Another day in A$hburn.

  6. Jim 4 years ago

    creative destruction

  7. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Darn it, I was just going to open my own restaurant there! It was going to be a place where we served traditional African-american fare along with Thai noodles and cotton candy-while we play Mariachi music videos on the tvs.

  8. D 4 years ago

    Really sad to hear. No real pizza spots left. Sal was the best. Johniies was an adequate replacwment. Though I know the ownership shift happened quite a while back. We do a lot of late night pick ups and when I kept seeing these backroom meetings I knew something was up. Then months later I noticed the food seemed different. Same staff and recipes but quality and purchasing went down. I noticed so I asked and yes it had a new owner. I wasn’t happy with the shift to a lot of purchased, rather than made-in-house, ingredients so I stopped going.

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