Dishes will include the popular momo dumplings.

The restaurant space that used to be Suvai, an Indian restaurant in the Ryan Park development, will soon be the home of a new restaurant called Everest Kitchen. It touts its dishes as featuring “ingredients from the foothills of the Himalayas.”

The new Ashburn restaurant will specialize in momos, a type of dumpling usually containing vegetables and/or chicken common in countries like Tibet and Nepal. There will also be other dishes from the region including Samay Baji and Choila.

Everest Kitchen already has another location — sort of. They sell their momos from the Liberty Gas Station on Highway 50 in Chantilly, the same place that carries the popular Krispy Krunchy convenience store fried chicken brand.

Ryan Park is the Ashburn commercial center where Red Robin, Panera and Chipotle are located at 267 and Ashburn Village Boulevard. The folks at Everest Kitchen expect to open by the end of July.

  1. jo 4 years ago

    I miss Naruto. Unfortunately this is probably a really bad location, hidden from the world.

  2. BP 4 years ago

    Will last 6 months…

  3. Anonymous 4 years ago

    if the momos are actually good, not made with store bought wraperrs and not too expensive, it should do real well. I am looking forward to this. please don’t disappoint

    • Jack 4 years ago

      We do make wrappers ourselves. Please do visit us. Use code EVEREST8847 for 10%off for August.

  4. Sharon 4 years ago

    What a coincidence. I live in Front Royal & get my momos at the Liberty gas station in Front Royal. Very nice Indian family run gas station /conv store with small kitchen. They have very good momos & samosas

  5. Yummy yummy momos!

  6. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Thank goodness something is finally replacing Suvai. That place limped along for way too long.

  7. Anonymous 4 years ago

    looking forward to it

  8. plama 4 years ago

    After reading this article, I drove to the gas station to sample out the momos. I was disappointed. Momos were stale, the achar(sauce) was worse. Had to throw them out, and later got a tummy ache.
    Will still try it out after they open because fresh ones might actually be good and there aren’t any good momo momo places around here

    • Jack 4 years ago

      We are now Open at Ashburn. Please do visit us, we won’t disappoint. Use the code EVEREST8847 code for 10% discount in August.

  9. Mike 4 years ago

    We have eaten at the new place twice and it is amazing. Super nice people there. Thank you!

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