The brands’ parent company was going to open two “Express” locations locally.

Sad news today for Bloomin’ Onion fans. The plans for two new Outback & Carrabba’s Express locations in eastern Loudoun County have fallen through. Currently, it doesn’t appear the brands have any plans to open the concept locally.

It was back in April when Bloomin’ Brands, the parent company to both Outback and Carrabba’s, announced plans to expand their carry out and delivery only concept here in the DC market.

After opening several locations in Florida, the company said they would open two locations in Loudoun. One was here in Ashburn at the Dulles Parkway Center (LoCo Parkway & 267) and the other was in Leesburg near the Home Depot. Now, The Burn has learned both deals are off.

Images: Outback & Carrabba’s Express

Like any major restaurant company, the company is testing the Outback & Carrabba’s Express concept to see if a carry out and delivery only option would generate significant and sufficient revenue. In a recent call with investors, one company executive referred to them as “learning labs.”

The Burn called the public relations department at Bloomin’ Brands, but there’s been no call back yet. With the cancellation of the Loudoun County plans, it sounds like perhaps the company is pulling back on the Express idea overall.

  1. Joan 5 years ago

    Carabbas should open in the Hail and Hog in One Loudoun. Forget about the carry out.

  2. Janet Piner 5 years ago

    Sure wish they be would bring by a Outback to Southwest Michigan area, they would do very well here.

  3. Anonymous 5 years ago

    I love express

  4. Carol Eaves 5 years ago

    That’s a shame! Outback, please don’t give up on the delivery option. I’m sure once people hear about it it would be just as profitable as the restaurant is. I’m disabled and would be grateful to be able to order &have delivered a wonderful meal instead of just pizza all the time. Please rethink your plans of not going forward with delivering great food! Myself & all the other disabled people out here would appreciate it so much!!!!

  5. Drew Matera 5 years ago

    Not a big surprise. What we need is a full service Carrabbas at One Loudoun. This type of food doesn’t translate well as carryout.

  6. Mark 5 years ago

    Well that stinks.

  7. Bill 5 years ago

    That explains the big KNLB sign that appeared in the window last week

  8. Jay 5 years ago

    Maybe another nail shop, eye lash or salon. There’s more of those in one loudoun than all of Ashburn. all jokes aside, add some original restaurants.

  9. Jim A. 5 years ago

    I thought it was a silly idea from the start. Take out steaks? You get takeout when you do not feel like washing dishes, etc. Eating a steak would require you to use a “real” plate, thus having to wash it anyway.
    I agree, that Carabba’s (or Jackson’s) would be a great fit for the Hail & Hog space.

  10. Michele 5 years ago

    Ooh. Carrabad should go full scale. I agree.

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