Rolled Ice Cream Shop Coming to Dulles Town Center Mall

It’s the second location for the NoVa-based Panda Tea House.

Panda Tea House rolled ice cream shop

A new ice cream shop is getting ready to open on the lower level of the Dulles Town Center mall. It’s called Panda Tea House and it specializes in rolled ice cream as well as smoothies and tea.

Rolled ice cream has been somewhat of a craze lately. Basically, a liquid ice cream is poured on a freezing prep table, ingredients are added, the whole thing is mixed, smashed and flattened, then the ice cream is scraped up into a tidy rolls and served with additional toppings.

Panda Tea House already has one location at the Springfield Town Center mall. This will be its second. The new shop is reportedly taking over the space vacated by Teavana. They are hoping to open by September 1.

Images: Panda Tea House
  1. Raydar 4 years ago

    Another gimmick to make me fat.

  2. Sharon 4 years ago

    How long before this fad is out of business?

  3. Jim A. 4 years ago

    Now that the “Froyo” craze appears to have cooled, I wish we could get back to real ice cream parlors. I really miss a great place that was in Ashburn Village, called “Treats and Treasures”- homemade ice cream that was terrific.
    This gimmick rolled ice cream shop is just silly- just serve good ice cream, please.

  4. Taylor B. 4 years ago

    Oh fantastic! Dulles Town Center has been struggling for a while, so it’s always good to see any new store go in. Rolled ice cream is pretty good, and hey, it gives me a reason not to go ham at the Ben and Jerry’s!

  5. Madz 4 years ago

    They are opening next Tuesday, September 11th 2018

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