The new extension will connect Croson Lane and Ryan Road.

Folks have seen the traffic lights going up near the new Claiborne Parkway expansion and rightfully wondered when this critical stretch of roadway between Croson Lane and Ryan Road is going to open. The word from the county — they’re targeting early November.

The Burn took a stroll down part of the new roadway today (don’t tell anyone) and there’s still work to be done. The final layers of paving aren’t finished on much (or any) of the roadway, the walking path alongside the road isn’t paved and there’s lots of equipment still lining the construction area.

And of course, the newly installed traffic lights aren’t turned on. These need to be calibrated and timed and then drivers are usually given several days of warning before the stop-and-go lights start.

There’s lots of road construction going on around Ashburn and eastern Loudoun. This Claiborne Parkway project is one that’s critically important to many in South Ashburn, especially parents of students at Briar Woods High School. A big stretch of Belmont Ridge Road is still a two-lane country road, often beset by voracious potholes in the spring. It can be dicey driving and for many, including teens on their way to and from Briar, it’s the primary roadway between Broadlands and points north and Brambleton and points south. The four-lane with a median Claiborne will provide a safer path north and south.

County officials say they haven’t set a firm date yet for the grand opening of Claiborne, but when they do, there will be a ribbon cutting and the usual new road fanfare.

  1. Jim A. 4 years ago

    This is good news, and you are spot on about Belmont Ridge road, it is not suited for the volume of traffic that is there on a daily basis. We forbid our teen drivers from using it.

  2. feathers 4 years ago

    Foot-traffic is going to have a difficult time crossing this high-speed intersection. I fear we will be reading about a tragic accident in the near future. There should be a “Broadlands-like” tunnel to get people across safely. This new intersection will totally cut off walkers/runners from Broadlands, Alexander Chase, Bel Terra, Quail Pond, and Amberleigh. I’d recommend walkers/runners that are traveling east/west on Croson Ln (west-bound sidewalk) to turn onto the north side of Claiborne and walk/run the extra half mile to the tunnel near the Broadlands Nature Center (Village Drive) during busy mornings & afternoons. We really could use a sidewalk on the northbound lanes of Claiborne between Croson and Park Glen.

    With proper planning we really can have both – better road infrastructure AND safe walking/running paths throughout Ashburn. But this will only happen if we demand it.

  3. Paul 4 years ago

    I hope this opening also comes with more police presence on Claiborne. Speeds are already well above the limit, with daily near misses from people pulling out from the residential streets.

  4. Royce 4 years ago

    Whats the latest update on the opening date? Doesn’t look like they are quite done yet.

  5. Cameron Toups 4 years ago

    looks like 12/14/2018

    • The Burn 4 years ago

      Yep, thanks. Signs say on or around the 14th. Still waiting on confirmation from VDOT

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