Thank heavens the park was closed.

Neighbors around Ashburn Park off Partlow Road in Ashburn (better known as Dinosaur Park thanks to the dino motif of the playground equipment) are possibly going to have to wait a little longer for their local park to re-open.

That’s because sometime in the past few days, a large tree fell and damaged part of the playground.

Images here and at top: Dennis Gartin via social media

As seen in the these photos shared on social media by Dennis Gartin, the tree appears to have landed on one of the platforms children climb on their way to a slide, knocking part of the railing loose and twisting some of the metal structure.

The park had already been closed since the end of August, while crews worked to repair and replace footings, decking and guardrails on two aging bridges in the park. They have also been repairing erosion along the banks of the creeks that run through the park.

The park was supposed to be open again come November, but our rainy autumn has delayed things. Now — the damage from the falling tree.

Maintenance crews from Loudoun Parks & Rec were scheduled to visit Ashburn Park Tuesday afternoon to inspect the tree damage and assess the repairs and safety implications.