Trees have been removed and dirt is being moved around.

work underway

Based on our email, the work happening at the intersection of Ashburn Village Boulevard and Russell Branch Parkway is attracting a lot of attention. Trees have been removed from the northeast corner and mighty machines are moving dirt around.

Folks, that’s the start of construction on the new Ashbrook Marketplace shopping center.

Image: Saul Centers

As The Burn has been reporting (see stories here and here and here), Ashbrook Marketplace is a new center going up directly in front of the existing Ashbrook Commons shopping center. The two centers have different owners.

Image: Saul Centers

Ashbrook Marketplace will be the home of a new Lidl discount grocery store as well as Loudoun County’s first Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. So far, we also know the center will have a nail salon and a Shell gas station. Yes, there is another Shell station kitty corner (or catty corner) in the other shopping center. From what we understand, the two Shells will have the same owner.

The site work being done now will last through the winter. Construction on the Lidl store should start in the spring with a late 2019 opening.

  1. Richie Calvin 5 years ago

    Question: what is coming at the intersection of Waxpool and Ashburn roa

  2. LB 5 years ago

    Of all of the things we see going on around Ashburn related to attracting consumers, this particular build looks to be the worst-planned of all of them in terms of its redundancy (i.e., two major grocery stores in one location) with a disproportionate destruction of area green spaces.

  3. CP 5 years ago

    We need more grocery stores? People are having trouble getting to the other LIDL in Ashburn? Goodness.

  4. arkancided 5 years ago

    Sad to see more sprawl in the name of redundant grocery. What a bunch of eaters we are. This one really ticks me off.

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