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The new facility just off of 267 is one of the largest in the country.

Kids — and a lot of adults too — are going to be pumped about this.

Summit Ropes is holding its grand opening next week. Friday, January 18 is the big day. This amazing new indoor adventure park offers one of the largest indoor ropes courses in the US.

Located at 44810 Old Ox Road just off the Dulles Greenway, Summit Ropes features roughly 120 different different obstacles on two levels. The facility itself is more than 16,000 s.f.

If you’re not familiar, on a ropes course, you’re hooked into a climbing harness and then you traverse a myriad of paths with obstacles along the way.

You might have to shimmy along a tightrope, stay balanced as you walk across swinging boards, climb through a huge net or cling to tiny handles on the side of a wooden wall — all two stories in the air.

Don’t worry — the Summit Ropes team explains that an ingenious system of safety cables and magnets catches you if you lose your grip. (The Burn has tried ropes courses before — the safety lines really work.)

The safety harness system is clearly visible in this photo of a Summit team member traversing an obstacle.

There is a separate ropes course for younger children — just off the ground. There are also birthday party rooms and a large viewing balcony with seating where family members can watch, or even sit and work on a computer or relax with a book.

Image: Summit Ropes
  1. Lucy 4 years ago
  2. looks like a cool place to hang out. I think they will rope me in.

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