This is the second Loudoun location to close in less than two months.

(UPDATE: This story has been updated  with a statement from the president and CEO of The Greene Turtle, including information on how members of the restaurant’s “Mug Club” can pick up their mugs.)

In the least surprising news of the week, The Burn has learned that The Greene Turtle location in Leesburg has shut its doors permanently. We’re told it closed yesterday.

Signs are reportedly up on the doors and a spokesperson for the corporate parent of the chain confirmed the news.

We say “least surprising” because regular readers of The Burn will recall that The Greene Turtle Bar & Grille at the Dulles Town Center mall in Sterling recently closed as well. (See our story here.) Both restaurants had the same ownership.

Last week, The Burn learned the Leesburg building was being marketed to potential new restaurants and tenants — a sure sign a closure is imminent. But when we spoke to an employee of the Leesburg location last week, they said they were unaware of any plans to close.

Late this afternoon, The Burn received a statement from Bob Barry, the president and CEO of The Greene Turtle. Excerpts from it are below:

“The Greene Turtle of Leesburg, Va., has closed for business, effective immediately. This location proudly served many residents and visitors in Northern Virginia for the past nine years, and remained actively involved in the community. Unfortunately, the location was unable to sustain operations, and we have made the difficult decision to close it. We are reviewing long-term options, and may consider reopening in Leesburg in the future.”

“Our corporate team and strategic development partners are committed to making The Greene Turtle as strong as it can be. Sometimes achieving that goal requires being bold enough to make tough decisions, including taking a step back when it will enable us to go forward with greater strength. These are changing times throughout all sectors of the dining segment, and navigating them successfully means we have to be on our game with the strongest system and most relevant offering, and keep a close eye on every aspect of our operations to ensure that our highest standards are adhered to consistently as we engage with all stakeholders in our success.”

“We are grateful to the many guests we have been honored to serve in Leesburg, and look forward to seeing them again at one of our 45 other locations. Members of the Leesburg Greene Turtle’s Mug Club may retrieve their mugs at the restaurant on Tuesday, February 12, between 2 and 6 p.m.”

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  1. James 5 years ago

    I am not surprised, went there once and the draft beer was skunked and it looked like the bartender cared more about the “regulars”. That’s what kills these local restaurants, kissing up to the regulars and not seeking new customers

  2. WellIsn'tThatSpecial? 5 years ago

    Having grown up going to one of the original Greene Turtle restaurants (in Laurel) I have an affinity for the Turtle. The Turtle in Leesburg had absolutely none of the charm or ambiance of the original locations. This place was as lame as any Chili’s or Applebees. I am surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  3. Roger Stanley 5 years ago

    That place was pretty shitty.

  4. Tina In Ashburn 5 years ago

    We tried that place once and never went back. Food was astonishingly bad. Place was filthy. Yea, “least surprising” is an understatement. Not sure how they stayed open for as long as they did…that was the real surprise.
    Let’s hope something worthwhile with actual involved management replaces the GT.

  5. Anonymous 5 years ago

    The food was terrible, the service was terrible, the atmosphere was terrible and the beer was not fresh as another person commented on. If I ever went there, I ordered bottled beer and I checked the expiration date!

  6. Gerber Blankinspoont 5 years ago

    Went here for dinner once, go the Sheppard’s Pie, and it wasn’t very memorable. Went a second time a couple years later, and there wasn’t much on the menu to order. A minimal selection of sandwiches. Walked out.

    Not surprised the locations are closing down.

  7. Elvez 5 years ago

    Literally the worst run restaurant I have ever been in. Good riddance.

    Hopefully, a private owner (something along the lines of Fords, BRG, LPH…) will move in. A well run operation would make a fortune in there if the rent wasn’t too high.

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