The national grocery store chain specializes in Indian products and ingredients.

patel brothers

The Burn has learned that Patel Brothers, a national grocery store chain specializing in Indian foods, is opening a spot in the Ashburn Farm Village Center. That’s the shopping center where Global Foods is located currently along with Buffalo Wing Factory, Advance Auto Parts and other businesses.

Images: Patel Brother

Patel Brothers is an Illinois-based brand with some 55 locations in more than 20 states. Their motto is: “Celebrating Our Food…Our Culture” and they carry such treasured items as karela, black mustard seeds and fresh sitafal.

It was nearly a year ago that The Burn first reported the Global Foods space was on the market. (See our story here.) Patel Brothers will take roughly 27,000 s.f. for its new store, leaving another nearly 30,000 of space available. No official word on when Global Foods will close, nor when Patel Brothers will open. Stay tuned!

Images: Patel Brothers
  1. Ashburn Shopper 5 years ago

    Hope Global stayed, don’t think this Ratel will fill the gap. What is their speciality?

  2. WellIsntThatSpecial 5 years ago

    that’s too bad. i didn’t realize global foods is closing. its disgusting and filthy, but it also the only place I know where I can get Bulgarian cheese, and Turkish cabbage leaves, and many other wonderful Old World European delights.

  3. Anonymous 5 years ago

    This is so sad… Global Food is the best place to go for meat, produce, or foreign food… Lotte and Coco are both less maintained and less clean than Global Foods.

  4. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Indian Grocery

  5. Raj U Mehta 5 years ago

    Is Patel Brothers still coming to this location?

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