Construction should start in the next few weeks.

For months now, people have been wondering when the long-anticipated new Chick-fil-A in Ashburn would finally get off the ground.

Well, today was the day we were waiting for.

Here is the official announcement along with a photo of the location’s owners. They are the same couple that own the CFA at the Dulles 28 Centre by Wegmans.

“We are happy to announce that Brian and Lauren Summers of Chick-fil-A Dulles 28 will also be operating the new Chick-fil-A coming to Ryan Park in Ashburn in the Fall of this year! Construction should start in the next couple of weeks for an opening date around mid-September.”

Image: Matthew Benjamin

We initially learned of the news from Matthew Benjamin, who captured this photo from his office window next door to the Red Robin restaurant and the vacant lot where Chick-Fil-A is going at Ashburn’s Shoppes at Ryan Park.

The Burn first reported that Chick-fil-A  was coming to the spot back in April 2018. (See our original story here.) But it’s been quiet ever since. Now, we know the ball is finally rolling.

Image: Chick-fil-A
  1. Brian 5 years ago

    wow was it cold taking those pictures today! Today wasn’t actual ground breaking. It was just us having a little fun setting up our social media. Can’t wait to serve the Ashburn community!

    • The Burn 5 years ago

      Please keep us updated on the groundbreaking and other developments. Sincerely, your friends at The Burn, Loudoun’s No. 1 source for restaurant and retail news. ????

  2. Lainey 5 years ago

    Can we slow our roll on the fast food chicken places in Loudoun?? Unpopular opinion, I know, but good Lord, new Chick-Fil-A, new Popeye’s, new Royal Farms, new Zaxby’s…

    • me 5 years ago


  3. Matt 5 years ago

    I still don’t understand why they did away with the delicious coleslaw! My family would still eat there at CFL once a week if they had the coleslaw. It was the dumbest move ever; especially considering many of us southerners who think fried chicken and salad is just plain wrong!

  4. Matt 5 years ago

    Why did I just post a comment but it didn’t show up? Something wrong with your website?

  5. Dan Reirz 5 years ago

    I’m curious to see how they will fit it in there. I assume it will have a drive through, or even the double drive through that most of them have now? Chic Fil A are Tetris Masters

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