The shopping center is getting a new Indian supermarket in its place.

The Global Food grocery store in Ashburn has announced their final day in business will be Sunday, March 31. The supermarket that carries foods from around the world is closing and will make way for a new Indian grocery store moving in.

Global Food has been a main anchor in the Ashburn Farm Village Center for more than decade. That’s the same shopping center with the popular Buffalo Wing Factory restaurant.

It was way back in March 2018 when The Burn first reported that Global Food’s days were numbered (see story here).

Image: Patel Brothers

And just a few weeks ago, The Burn broke the news that the national Patel Brothers chain would be taking over roughly half the Global Food space for their new Indian foods store (see story here). Now, all the pieces of the puzzle are in place and we know the end is near for Global Food.

  1. Jen 5 years ago

    BOO!!! I LOVE Global Foods. Most of my childhood I grew up with German cuisine and goodies. I was able to find so many things from my childhood at Global among other European goodies and have constantly gone there for replenishment. This is really upsetting to me considering all the other Middle Eastern stores and restaurants that are already in Ashburn.

    • Tim 5 years ago

      Wow it took all of 5 minutes for things to turn racist.

      If you want German treats I suggest the German Gourmet in Falls Church.

      I also suggest you bone up on geography. One guess where India isn’t located.

      • WellIsntThatSpecial 5 years ago

        Tim, I hope no one throws stones at your glass house. Or are you just so pious that you have been ordained to condemn?

    • The Burn 5 years ago

      India and Indian food are not Middle Eastern. They are generally considered to be South Asian, an entirely different region than the Middle East.

  2. Joe 5 years ago

    They are having a Super Sale with 10% off, wow what a discount! That place always smelled bad anyway

  3. Doug Simpson 5 years ago

    Tim don’t be such a snowflake! Jen wasn’t being racist, a little off geographically, but not racist. I agree that it would be nice if the “Euro food tastes” group was still served as we have so many Indian and Asian options now in Ashburn.

  4. James 5 years ago

    RE: Doug and Jen: Perhaps it would be better to direct your frustrations at why Global failed, instead of what its replacement is. Why emphasize the fact that “so many” Indian/Asian/Middle Eastern stores exist in Ashburn, as if there is some kind of quota?

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