The new doughnut store will have a drive-thru lane as well.

The new Ashbrook Marketplace shopping center in north Ashburn continues to take shape with the news that a drive-thru Dunkin’ Donuts has signed a deal for the center. (Or just plain “Dunkin’” as the brand is now known.)

Images (here and at top): Dunkin’

Ashbrook Marketplace is the new center going up at the corner of Russell Branch Parkway and Ashburn Village Boulevard, directly in front of the existing Ashbrook Commons shopping center.

Image: Saul Centers

Besides Dunkin’ Donuts, the center will include a Lidl grocery store, a Cafe Rio restaurant, a pizza place, a nail salon and a Shell gas station. Another drive-thru restaurant is on the plans as well. (See our previous coverage of Ashbrook Marketplace here.)

Image: Saul Centers

Currently, there are two other Dunkin’ Donuts in Ashburn — one in the Broadlands and one in Ashburn Village. The Burn first heard about the new Dunkin’ Donuts deal a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t official at the time.

  1. GJ 4 years ago

    If we have to have another doughnut shop make it a Krispy Kreme. Dunkin doughnuts are lame.

  2. Anonymous 4 years ago

    The location is very surprising, considering the Ashburn Village location of DD is about a mile away. Still, I won’t complain.

  3. Camillia Dechent 4 years ago

    I second that. #hotdonutsnow

  4. JA 4 years ago

    There is already a gas station in that plaza. Yes, we need Krispy Kreme

    • The Burn 4 years ago

      Actually, this new plaza is a separate plaza from the existing one, so there will be two gas stations. The good news is the same owner owns both, so he will not be negatively impacted by a competitor across the street.

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