The brand makes its own ice cream in the store each day.

Oh my gosh — we think it’s really happening.

We first heard scuttlebutt a few weeks back that Bruster’s Real Ice Cream was considering opening a shop in Ashburn. And now it looks like that scuttlebutt is true.

Bruster’s will reportedly be moving into the Broadlands Village Center shopping plaza at Claiborne Parkway and Broadlands Boulevard. It will be taking over the corner unit vacated by Starbucks when the coffee house moved to a new freestanding building a few months ago.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is a Pennsylvania-based company with nearly 200 locations in 20 states and even some overseas. The brand has more than a hundred flavors in its recipe book — many of them seasonal — and the ice cream is made in the store each day. Get ready for flavors like Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Southern Banana Puddin’, and Caramel Apple Crunch.

No word yet when Bruster’s will open in the Broadlands, but it can’t come soon enough.

Images: Bruster’s Real Ice Cream
  1. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Well, there goes that 20 lbs I was going to lose! I LOVE Bruster’s and am so glad we are finally getting an ice cream shop and the froyo craze is over! This is a good day! I had actually written a letter to Bruster’s asking for franchise information as I was considering getting involved in one after an excellent experience at the one near JMU.

  2. Brad 4 years ago

    Sounds good. When Maggie Moos became Il Dolce, got really bad and expensive. Everything there is overpriced now.

    • Jim A. 4 years ago

      Brad, I agree about Il Dolce, they are a little expensive, but I will say this, The owners are much nicer than the last couple that owned Maggie Moo’s. One night my family and I decided to go to Il Dolce for ice cream and didn’t realize they had just closed. We walked up to the door, saw they were closed and walked away when the man who owns the place ran after us and said he would take care of us. He was very, very, nice. The last people that owned Maggie Moo’s let the store get dirty and they were rude.
      Anyway, I’m looking forward to Bruster’s, they have a chocolate truffle ice cream that is sooooo good.

  3. MyDarlin 4 years ago

    Excellent! Some of my favorite things – Brusters and now Wawa! #gettingfat

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