Big news for doughnut fans in north Ashburn and Lansdowne — the long dormant Sugar Shack Donuts location in Lansdowne is back under construction, roughly a year after work mysteriously shut down.

The Burn went by today — the front door was open, there were workers inside and they confirmed construction has resumed.

It was way back in July 2017 that The Burn broke the news that Sugar Shack, a Richmond-based brand with 11 locations currently, was opening one in Lansdowne.

The specific location is a corner unit in the Lansdowne Square development, which is immediately next to the Lansdowne Town Center. (To a casual observer, they look like all the same property, but the owners and developers are actually different.)

Work was chugging along, and the store was building excitement on social media. And then wham! Around April 2018, everything stopped. No construction, the space was dark, only half built out. Repeated messages and calls to the landlord and the principals involved went unreturned.

By chance, The Burn bumped into co-owner Tag Greason at bar trivia one evening and even when he kindly explained the hang-up, we didn’t fully understand. It boiled down to something with the HOA that wasn’t in sync with the lease and with the usage permitted. All that had to be worked out and it took an ungodly long time.

But the good news is work is underway again. When we asked the construction guys when they hoped to finish — they said “as soon as possible.”

Images: Sugar Shack Donuts