It has taken over the former Coney Island Diner space along Route 7.

Big news for folks who like delicious comfort food — Ashburn has its own small-town diner again — and it’s in a familiar spot.

WOW Diner has opened up on the south side of Route 7 in the Jefferson Building, next to the huge Virginia Academy/Community Church complex. Many of you will remember it as the former location of the Coney Island Diner.

WOW stands for “World of Omelettes and Waffles” and the menu is chock full of breakfast and brunch items. (We tried a ham & cheese omelette. Big thumbs up.) But it also has an extensive lunch and dinner menu with burgers, meatloaf and other traditional American dishes.

They don’t have their menu online yet, so your intrepid Burn reporter snapped a photo of each page of the menu, which is posted below.

WOW Diner just opened this week and they offer discounts to local law enforcement and fire/emergency personnel. WOW also has a location in Woodbridge.

(Thanks to Grewal Sunny for the news tip and the photo at the top of the story.)

  1. Jim A. 5 years ago

    I got excited to try the WOW Diner tonight, but went by and it was closed. Any idea why? One of their neon “Open” signs is on, but the other is off and the place is empty and dark.

    • The Burn 5 years ago

      Not sure. I don’t think they have their hours locked in but they had better do that quick. Bad idea to disappoint potential customers.

    • alex Barmil 5 years ago

      Hours are 7am to 3pm currently

  2. Jim A. 5 years ago

    Chris, I’m not sure if you see the comments on here, but I wanted to ask you if you have heard anything about Mediterranean Breeze on Ashburn Road. I’ve been going there for many years, but it is really slipping lately and tonight was probably the last straw for me and my family. We sat down at our table, opened the menu and found about half the items listed on the menu were just crossed out. That’s a bad sign for a restaurant. It really hit us tonight that the restaurant has not been maintained well either, as the carper is filthy and many of the chairs are ripped, plus the menus are sticky and gross. I appreciate any scoop you can provide because I have a feeling it won’t be around much longer.

    • The Burn 5 years ago

      I do see the comments and I have not heard any news about that restaurant. Please let me know if you hear something.

  3. Mike 5 years ago

    There was a kabob place there most recently.

    • The Burn 5 years ago

      Actually there was a Yemeni restaurant there after the kabob place but if you blinked, you probably missed it.

  4. Yee 5 years ago

    We went there this morning and we won’t be back. Judging by the faces of some of the other customers, they won’t be back either.

  5. Philip Ward 5 years ago

    Nice menu and place to visit. Love to visit.

  6. NoVa Jay 5 years ago

    We went there for breakfast on Sunday. About 10:15 or so. The food and service were good. Not great, but good. However, the environment was unbearable. The dining room was VERY HOT and VERY HUMID. To the point that I couldn’t wait to finish and get out. It was truly oppressively hot and humid INSIDE the restaurant. Unless that was an aberration, we would never return. If someone had said “We apologize the air conditioning is broken right now” then I guess we’d try again.

    It was really uncomfortable and not possible to enjoy a meal under such conditions.

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