French Hound Brasserie Closing at End of June

The French bistro has been a prominent tenant in the Lansdowne Town Center.

Sad news for fans of French cuisine in the area. The French Hound Brasserie, which opened in the Lansdowne Town Center in two years ago, will reportedly be closing for good on June 30.

There were high hopes for the Hound when it moved from its longtime location in Middleburg to the more populated Ashburn area back in May 2017.

Chef John-Gustin Birkitt, a Leesburg native, was the creative mind behind the unique takes on traditional French dishes as well as the proprietor of the Hound. No word on what he will do next, but let’s hope he stays in the area.

Chef John Gustin-Birkitt

And no word yet on what business might take over that high-profile spot in the LTC.

Images: French Hound Brasserie
  1. Al Buddah Goldenberg 5 years ago

    That shopping center is the death for all restaurants.

  2. pf 5 years ago

    Cursed location!!!

  3. Melody Mendelsohn 5 years ago

    This is more than sad. Had best duck ever there tonight.

  4. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Cursed location but prices too high. Maybe a greek restaurant?

  5. LBJ 5 years ago

    I’m sure it’s the rent that kills businesses.

  6. Hwyman 5 years ago

    Cursed indeed! That location specifically and that whole town center in general. Clearly rents are too high. I still can’t believe Not Your Average Joe closed. It was by far the most popular eatery there.

    • Brutal 5 years ago

      Joe’s took the high road when they closed and called it part of the plan, but the scuttlebutt said the rent increase on their lease renewal was ridiculous and the landlord refused to work with them on a compromise.

  7. Joseph H. 5 years ago

    Should have stayed in Middleburg. I ate there a few times and never once saw it even 1/10th as busy as they were in Middleburg. And the quality of food never changed. Hope he’ll be able to reopen in a smaller location!

    V5 was the downfall of that shopping center, honestly. Too much late night trouble gave it a negative stigma. I know several of my neighbors started avoiding it after dark once some incidents that happened at V5 started getting reported more.

  8. David D. 5 years ago

    Not a great location. Wonderful food, but at pricing (in some cases) that competitors beat regularly.

  9. Lainey 5 years ago

    Location isn’t cursed. The food wasn’t commensurate to the price. It was too expensive for the quality. And, the staff didn’t seem invested in the French bistro experience. You can’t blame the location, if you can’t deliver.

  10. El Vez 5 years ago

    The rent may be an issue, but that wasn’t the reason this place is closing. It sucked. We had dinner there twice and that was enough. Literally, the worst steak frites I have ever eaten anywhere. Wait staff wasn’t much better. Why would they be? What kind of staff can you attract on 2-3 tables a night.

    I’m sure Fords pays the same rent (or thereabouts) and they manage to have good crowds. Why? Because they offer good food at a decent price. Hopefully something reasonable will move in, if only for a couple years.

  11. D.A. Trappert 5 years ago

    I ate at NYAJ’s 3 or 4 times and they never made the same dish the same way twice. They would leave out key ingredients! I was not surprised when it closed.

  12. Stacey 5 years ago

    The food was not good and was overpriced.

  13. Simon 5 years ago

    The food wasn’t that good. But, i have to say what restaurant has made it there? If Joe’s couldn’t I doubt any will. They are opening a new Italian restaurant where Joe’s was soon. Hope it’s good.

  14. Lainey 5 years ago

    NYAJ’s closed for the reason D.A. described: the kitchen didn’t make a dish the same way twice and the quality was inconsistent. The difference between the experience and atmosphere at Lansdowne vs. the Reston location is day and night, which is why the Reston NYAJ’s is still successful.

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