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Meow’s Corner is a coffee shop for cat lovers.

Eastern Loudoun County‘s first “cat cafe” is getting ready to open.

Meow’s Corner will hold its grand opening on July 6 at its new location in the Cascades Overlook shopping center. That’s in Sterling across Route 7 from the NoVa Community College campus.

Meow’s Corner is the area‘s first cat cafe. A cat cafe is basically just what it sounds like. You reserve time and go and sip on coffee or tea, enjoy sweets — all while playing with the cafe’s coterie of cats.

The Burn first told you about Meow’s Corner back in February. Now we have more details including that the cafe’s specialty coffees, hot and iced teas and smoothies will be provided by Qwench and DRNK, while cupcakes, cookies and cake pops will be from Dana’s Cake Shoppe.


  1. Anonymous 4 years ago

    just curious and I know I’m answering my own question – but is there really a market for this? I just can’t see this making it after the novelty wears off. But what do I know LOL

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      oops meant to add that only time will tell if this makes it or not [answering my own question]

  2. El Vez 4 years ago

    I am thinking about opening a Wolverine Cafe, anyone have a contact person in Zoning who could give me some info?

  3. Naota 4 years ago

    I swung by here today. It cost you $10 for 30 minutes to hang out with the cats…. what? That is ridiculous.

    If they truly care about getting these cats adopted then let people hang out with the cats for free if they make a purchase. Right now it feels like a nickle and dime scheme.

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