The 1757 Golf Club off Waxpool Road is considering adding a miniature golf course to their many golf-related offerings. The popular local golf course has filed paperwork with the county showing the owners are considering turning a portion of the property into an 18-hole mini golf course.

The space would be at the end of the driving range tee box area and would reportedly include additional lighting and “structures.” (The Burn is hoping the “structures” include a windmill with spinning blades to putt through.)

Currently, the closest miniature golf course to Ashburn is at the Dulles Golf Center & Sports Park in Sterling. There was buzz a few years ago about the former Woody’s Golf in Herndon relocating their famed “Perils of the Lost Jungle” mini-golf course to One Loudoun, but that proposal never came to fruition.

The Burn reached out to 1757 for details, but has received no reply as of yet.

Images: 1757 Golf Club; Beaumeade Dulles 28 Golf Associate LLC