Urban BBQ Closes in Ashburn

The restaurant had served Ashburn since 2012.

The Urban Bar-B-Que Company in Ashburn Village closed suddenly this week. The fast-casual barbecue restaurant had served up ribs, pulled pork and smoked sausage since 2012.

The space in the Ashburn Village shopping center still has the signs up, but the windows are painted over and a “for lease” sign is in the window.

Whatever happened must have happened suddenly, because the store’s Facebook page makes no mention of it being closed, nor does the company’s official website.

Image: Urban Bar-B-Que

Urban Bar-B-Que is a Maryland-based chain with roughly nine locations there. The Ashburn location was the only one in Virginia. No word on what might take over that space.

Image: Urban Bar-B-Que
  1. Jim A. 3 years ago

    UBBQ was easily the worst BBQ place in our area, so this is no surprise at all.

  2. Anonymous 3 years ago

    Maybe related to
    – 3660 – Permits
    Observation (REPEAT): Establishment operating without a valid permit.
    Correction: Cease all food service operations until you receive a permit to operate from the health department.

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  3. Fred 3 years ago

    Dang! Urban BBQ was my favorite of all the local barbecue spots. I suppose the opening of Dickey’s (now also closed) and Mission BBQ, as well as Carolina Bros, there was room enough in this town for all the meat smokers!

  4. Hwyman 3 years ago

    I will not miss the thimble sized portions of lukewarm mac and cheese.

  5. kegowhisky 3 years ago

    They were really good when they started, but quality fell down over the years. It got to where their chili had lumps of fat all through it. Fat even permeated my previous favorite, the Urban Legend. Sad….

  6. Robert 3 years ago

    Not that good, too many other choices.

  7. Jon 3 years ago

    BBQ was really good and so was their root beer. Too bad their bathroom sinks were disgustingly dirty…oh well.

  8. Bret Lansdell 3 years ago

    They didn’t pay their mortgage for many months. They will reopen later on after a deep clean…as it is a franchise. Until then..mission bbq it is!

  9. Taylor 3 years ago

    My husband and I got food poisoning there. Good thing our toddler refused to eat any of the food at that time. For sure we would had to take him to the ER.

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