Il Cappero, the new Italian restaurant in the Lansdowne Town Center, has taken a most unusual road to opening.

After a renovation of the former Not Your Average Joe’s space, Il Cappero opened for business on July 1. A week later they closed temporarily. And as of this afternoon, they were still closed — nearly a month later.

For several weeks now, there has been a sign on the door that reads: “In order to best serve you, and due to being extremely short staffed, Il Cappero will be closed for up to two weeks to further train current staff and hire more staff.”

Two weeks has come and gone. And then some.

The sign was gone today, and we were told they were doing some staff training this evening. But still no official word on when they will reopen.

While rare to open and then close, Il Cappero is not alone in struggling to find the needed staff. The Burn hears this repeatedly from restaurant managers around Ashburn and you will see “help wanted” signs posted at many — if not most — area restaurants.