A new gourmet chocolate shop is coming to a location in the heart of Old Ashburn. It’s called Veritas Artizen Chocolate and they are taking over the JR’s NY Soft Serve & Italian Ice shop on Ashburn Road.

JR’s, a small ice cream shop, opened back in April 2018. Word of the deal between Veritas and JR’s came this weekend via social media. Veritas has bought the shop and will keep much of the JR’s menu intact while also adding items such as gourmet chocolate candies, chocolate covered strawberries and gift fruit bouquets.

“Veritas is bean to bar chocolate produced in the heart of the Loudoun County, Virginia wine country,” reads the brand’s website. “We source our beans from Direct Trade farmers in South America to ensure a higher quality product and better outcome for the growers. We use only cacao beans and sugar in our dark chocolate and add only milk powder and cocoa butter to our milk chocolate, making this as pure as you can get.”

No word on when exactly the transition from JR’s to Veritas will take place, but they did say rebranding — as in renaming the JR’s space — will be happening soon.

Images: Veritas Artizen Chocolate