Some business news to report that may be disappointing to some. It appears the negotiations to bring an IKEA furniture store to Loudoun County have ended and will not be moving forward.

It was last September when The Burn reported that IKEA had been exploring a possible store in Sterling — specifically at the huge Kincora property that is slowly being developed along Pacific Boulevard north of Gloucester Parkway. This was reported to us by several people in positions to know. Now comes word the talks are over.

The Burn reached out to the powers-that-be with Kincora today but we were told they had “no comment.” That’s not surprising since they had never confirmed talks were underway in the first place.

It sounds like several factors have come into play that have ended the dream.

First, in early 2018, Ingvar Kamprad passed away. He was the Swedish billionaire who founded the IKEA brand. We’ve heard from sources that Kamprad’s passing led the company to slow or halt development plans in many locations while it considered a future without its longtime leader.

Subsequently, in late 2018, the company announced that it was making a play for millennials by opening 30 new concept stores that would be smaller and located in urban versus suburban settings. The company was also reportedly planning on focusing on e-commerce and home delivery.

These factors may be at the root of the company’s decision to forego a Loudoun location. Whatever the details, talks are over and IKEA is not coming to Loudoun County at this time

(Image at top: IKEA)