Former Bicycle Outfitters back in business as a non-profit

The bike shop is now a 501c charity dedicated to bike riding, bike safety, bike education and more.

Like a phoenix, a local bicycle shop has risen from the ashes. Local cyclists will likely be thrilled to hear that the former Bicycle Outfitters is back in business under a new name and with a new mission.

It was earlier this month that The Burn reported the unfortunate news that Bicycle Outfitters, a longtime local bike shop, was closing. Both their Leesburg and Brambleton locations shut their doors.

Now, the store has re-opened under the name Revolutions by Maverick, A Community Bicycle Co-op. Rob Bagnall, an avid local cyclist, stepped in to save the Leesburg location. The entire staff is back on the job and they are open for business at the shop in the Virginia Village shopping center on Catoctin Circle.

“Bring us your bike – any bike – and we will help you make it better,” the team told The Burn in an email. “You need a bike, we’ve got one: new and used. You bring us your bike questions, we will drop knowledge on you. You have bike needs, from parts to equipment to mechanical and safety questions, we will solve them.”

The new structure is a novel concept. Revolutions by Maverick is a 501c charitable organization dedicated to all things bicycle —  bike safety, bike education, racing, youth cycling, and more. You can donate old bikes and count it as a charitable donation. All proceeds go back into supporting the local cycling community.

The new store will soon feature a restaurant geared towards bike riders as well. The Feed Zone Cafe — which is currently under construction — will offer coffee, wine, beer and food.

Revolutions by Maverick is already open and a grand opening is planned for Oct. 5 and 6.

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  1. Josiah D. Brown 3 years ago

    Now THAT is awesome!

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