Lord & Taylor closing at Dulles Town Center shopping mall

The final day for the store hasn’t been announced yet.

The Dulles Town Center shopping mall is going to have another big vacancy on its hands soon. The Lord + Taylor department store has announced they are closing their only Loudoun County location.

As first reported by the Ashburn Village Neighbors Facebook page, signs have gone up in the store announcing the impending closure and touting deep clearance sales. “Everything Must Go” and “Entire Store on Sale” they scream.

Image: Ashburn Village Neighbors Facebook page

A store employee told The Burn that an official last day hasn’t been announced yet, but she confirmed the Sterling location is closing.

It was just two years ago that the Nordstrom department store — another major anchor store for the mall — closed as well. That huge space remains vacant to this day. (See our coverage here.)

Image: Lord + Taylor

Lord + Taylor is the nation’s oldest department store — founded in 1826. But it’s fallen on hard times in recent years and a number of store closures have been announced around the country. It appears our L+T is just the latest.


  1. nunya 4 years ago

    Nordstroms space is empty, Lord & Taylor going to be empty and they still have Sears and JC Penney to go. Good thing Loudoun keeps plowing and paving over more and more open space for more retail.

  2. Mark 4 years ago

    Unfortunately JC Penny and Sears won’t be far behind, maybe even Macy’s too.

  3. sam 4 years ago

    DTC is a dead mall.

    • Thomas Peters 4 years ago

      Sad but Agreed

  4. Paul 4 years ago

    I’ve lived in Ashburn since 2004 and have yet to go to this mall. I give it another year or two and then it can be turned into a data center.

    • Thomas Peters 4 years ago

      Wow..since 2004…That explains why many stores are closing in the mall. People like to shop online….Amazon effect uhhhhhh

  5. Frank 4 years ago

    The mall has little vacancy currently. The two large stores that will become can be filled.

    The mall should pitch to target to create one of the two store mall targets. Very cool. And I don’t think there is a target around that area.

    • Voice of Reason 4 years ago

      Other than the Target down 28 (Wegmans shopping center), and the Target down 7 (across from NoVa campus).

  6. Judy Pearson 4 years ago

    Love the Burn

  7. Seek 4 years ago

    It’s a real loss to Loudoun County. I worked at the Dulles Town Center Lord & Taylor as a Sales Associate during its first few years and continue to shop there. They have quality merchandise with plenty of discounts. What killed it, in a word, is Amazon. Some people just can’t resist the urge to go online. There are real costs to that.

  8. Karla 4 years ago

    I like malls. There is history behind it. I like to shop in person, instead of online, so I can get the right size clothing and also not have the packages stolen from my house. I know the times are changing, but I don’t know if it’s for better or worse.

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