Cubasí Bistro — Loudoun’s new Cuban restaurant — gets ready to open

We’ve got your first look at the full menu as well.

Sometimes there are real perks to this job — like getting a sneak preview of one of the most eagerly anticipated new restaurants this year. We’re talking about Cubasí Bistro, a new Cuban fast-casual restaurant opening any day now at the Dulles 28 Centre.

The Burn visited Friday evening along with a handful of lucky friends and neighbors of the restaurant’s owners. We sampled the roast pork, the rice and beans dish known as Moros, empanadas stuffed with picadillo, tostones, fried yuca, vaca frita, maduros and, of course, Cuban sandwiches.

If you don’t know all these dishes, you likely will soon.

For anyone who has been wondering — we can tell you — this is the real deal. It was the most authentic (and delicious) Cuban food we’ve had outside of Miami. The owners are taking this seriously. How seriously? There are no frozen Goya tostones here. They’re buying the plantains fresh and smashing them themselves on-site.

Cubasí Bistro is the epitome of a mom-and-pop restaurant. The recipes were handed down from a grandmother, and the owners are doing the cooking themselves. The decor is simple and reminiscent of a casual Havana eatery.

The restaurant is tucked away in the far corner of the Dulles 28 Centre. That’s the shopping center at Pacific Boulevard and Waxpool Road, with the Target and Wegmans. Cubasí Bistro is waiting on their final inspections — anticipated for as soon as this week — and then they will open quietly the next day.

The countdown to real Cuban food in Loudoun is on… check out our snaps of the full menu below.

  1. Paul Serrano 3 years ago

    Great menu. (I’ve never seen ropa vieja chicken before)

  2. Nydia & Angel Suarez 3 years ago

    Great food. Very authentic Cuban food. We Ate the Ropa Vieja, Fricasé de Pollo it was worth our trip from Annandale. Great taste and plentiful. The Cuban and Media Noche are delicious too.

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