The Regal Fox movie theater in the Brambleton Town Center is getting a major $3 million refurbishment, with lots of new upgrades that should please movie-goers.

Among the details we’ve gathered from staffers:

  • Many, if not all, of the theaters at the Regal Fox will be getting new, more comfortable seating. Some theaters will be getting the reclining seats that are all the rage in movies houses these days.
  • The lobby will be getting a major make-over, which will include a smaller box office area, and more self-serve ticketing kiosks.
  • One theater is reportedly going to be outfitted with “4-D” technology. This means an immersive experience for audiences — such as seats that move or shake, or blow a puff of air or mist of water, to simulate something that is happening on the screen.

Regulars at the Regal Fox know that that facility is divided into two halves with theaters on each side. Currently, one side is closed while work is completed on that wing. They’ve put up a temporary wall with a door marked “Staff Only” over the hallway.

No word when it will all be completed but it should be an all-new, updated look for Ashburn’s oldest movie theater when it’s finished. We’ve got messages in to Regal corporate for more details, so stay tuned.