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Black bear “vandalizes” Willowsford home

The bear apparently spotted an easy snack.

We promise The Burn isn’t going to become “The Black Bear Channel” but we had to share this video sent to us by David Schmidt who lives in Willowsford, southwest of Ashburn.

He saw the video we posted the other day of the bear wandering through a yard in the Briarfield Estates neighborhood.

Schmidt’s response: “Tell Briarfield Estates to hold my beer.”

And he’s not wrong. Check out what the bear does 30 seconds into this video from Schmidt’s yard.

So many things to love about this video. After the bear pulls down the bird feeder, note how he looks around checking to see if anyone noticed what he did. (Yes, we’re anthropomorphizing.) And then he sits down all casual like for a snack.

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  1. LBJ 3 years ago

    Yogi Bear in action!

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