Wild Wood Craft Pizza unveils its new menu

The new restaurant is the brainchild of Leesburg entrepreneur Curtis Allred.

Wild Wood Deluxe Craft Pizza is getting ready to open at the Village at Leesburg and we’ve got your first look at the official menu. It’s chock full of artisan pizzas as well as pastas, salads, appetizers and more.

Wild Wood is the latest brainchild of serial restauranteur Curtis Allred. He’s the owner of Delirium Cafe and Balls of Glory (a meatball restaurant) — both in downtown Leesburg. He’s got other projects in the works, but Wild Wood is getting much of his attention as his team works towards a mid-December opening.

The space at the Village sits right next door to the Cobb Village 14 Cinemas (formerly known as the Cobb Village 12 before the addition of two more theaters). The restaurant is under construction as we speak — one recent milestone was the addition of a huge, wood-burning pizza oven that had to be forklifted into the space.

Below is the full menu for Wild Wood. Some small tweaks could still be made, but this is what guests will have to choose from on opening day.

Images: Wild Wood Deluxe Craft Pizza
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