Owner of popular Greek restaurant suffers major heart attack

George Marinos of Greek Unique is recovering at a local hospital.

George Marinos, one of the owners of the popular restaurant Greek Unique in Ashburn, is recovering from a major heart attack. It happened last Friday, and Marinos continues to recuperate at a local hospital. (In the photo above, Marinos is pictured on the right, with Pete “Chef Pete” Kontoulakos and Marcia Kontoulakos.)

Marinos is onsite nearly every single day at Greek Unique. Because of this, the restaurant is temporarily closed. In a posting to social media, Marinos says they hope to re-open on December 2, giving him time to rest up and heal.

Greek Unique opened back in October 2018 and quickly grew a loyal following of fans. Tucked back on Guilford Drive off Beaumeade Circle in Ashburn, it’s one of the rare local restaurants that gets a full 5-stars on Yelp.

The Burn wishes Marinos a speedy recovery.





  1. Buddah 4 years ago

    I was one of the first customers at Greek Unique after reading about the soft opening here on The Burn. I quickly found an instant friendship with George, Pete and Marcia. They grew up in the same area of Long Island as I did, and Chef Pete even worked at some of my favorite haunts. These are special people and anyone that has gone there and discovered their great food, and even hospitality knows this as fact. I wish George the speediest of recoveries! :heart:

  2. Nicholas Ioanou 4 years ago

    George, a speedy and back on your feet is in our prayers. Everything else will take care of itself. You, mentally and physically is what matters most. Nick and ted from City Diner.

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