First Harris Teeter Fuel in Ashburn opens January 22

The HT Fuel Center can be found in the Broadlands.

The new Harris Teeter Fuel gas station in the Broadlands has an official opening date. According to managers at the store in the Southern Walk Plaza, the new facility will open to customers on January 22. That’s at the intersection of Demott Drive and Mooreview Parkway.

The plans for the new gas station have been in the works for several years now. For months, customers who shop at Harris Teeter have been earning “fuel points” which can be used to lower the price of gas at an HT Fuel Center.

But up until now, the only HT Fuel location in Loudoun County has been the one off Stone Springs Boulevard near Route 50 in southern Loudoun.

One noteworthy feature — gas price signs have been installed over the doors as you exit the grocery store — a big nudge to go fill up your tank.

Besides the traditional gas pumps, the new location will also have eight Tesla superchargers — fast charging stations for owners of Tesla electric vehicles. (See our story on the superchargers here.)


  1. Dennis Murphey 4 years ago

    Will GT finally bring E85 to Ashburn for us FlexFuel vehicle owners? Or will they be managed by the oil oligarchy like all the top tier stations here? There are E85 kits for most all modern cars so we could seriously lower emissions. If someone in Ashburn would just have a pump of E85 to buy fuel from!

  2. malik lighting 3 years ago

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