Lansdowne Chick-fil-A opens to huge crowds

One hundred Chick-fil-A fans won free food for a year.

The new Chick-fil-A restaurant in the Lansdowne Town Center opened bright and early Thursday morning. More than 300 people queued up in hopes of winning one of the coveted “Free Chick-fil-A for a Year” awards that have become a tradition at CFA openings.

One hundred lucky winners were awarded the prize as the first guests were welcomed into the store by local store operator Braden Dollar. Dollar’s first official customer to make a purchase — his own father.

Store operator Braden Dollar awards a prize to a lucky Chick-fil-A fan.

The new restaurant is one of many that have gone up (or are going up) around Loudoun County. It’s located in the Lansdowne Town Center at Belmont Ridge Road just north of Route 7. It’s next door to the new drive-thru Starbucks which opened earlier this month.

Chick-fil-A operator Braden Dollar joins other VIPs for a ceremonial ribbon cutting.



  1. Scott 4 years ago

    I compared my receipt from the Lansdowne Chick-fil-a from last Friday to another one I frequent and noticed the tax for Lansdowne was much higher, 9.5%. I thought that only restaurants in a town limits could charge a higher tax rate.

  2. Amy 4 years ago

    This restaurant is in Leesburg, not Ashburn.

    • Chris Wadsworth 4 years ago

      You are correct. We tend to treat Lansdowne as part of Ashburn, but it technically has a Leesburg address. Thanks.

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