Patel Brothers grocery store packed on opening day

The national chain specializes in Indian foods.

The new Patel Brothers Farmer’s Market store in Ashburn opened with a bang on Friday. By midday, the parking lot was jammed with cars and the aisles of the stores were crowded with excited shoppers.

Patel Brothers specializes in Indian foods. The brand is known for its fresh produce and indeed, there were displays overflowing with colorful fruits and vegetables. Pallets filled with bags of rice and other foods were placed around the store and tall shelves were filled to the brim. We saw big packages of paneer cheese and spotted bottles and cans of Thums Up soda, a cola brand from India.

Patel Brothers is an Illinois-based brand with more than 50 locations in at least 20 states. Their motto is: “Celebrating Our Food…Our Culture.” Ashburn is their first location in Loudoun County.

The grocery store has taken roughly 27,000 s.f. of what was the former Global Foods stores. The remainder of the space — roughly 32,000 s.f. — is becoming a new weight-lifting and power-lifting workout center called The Shop Gym.

  1. Martha S Gerstein 4 years ago

    Second paragraph: should be pallets

    • Chris Wadsworth 4 years ago

      I even went and looked that up before I posted. And still got it wrong! I’m blaming auto-correct. (And thank you.)

  2. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Was there yesterday. I thought Ashburn lacked a proper full sized all in one Indian grocery store and this fills the void. Great selection and competitive prices. Hopefully not as crowded going forward.

  3. Maya 4 years ago

    paneer should be in the freezer section

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