Coronavirus frenzy comes to Loudoun County

Local stores saw empty shelves this weekend as shoppers stocked up.

It seems coronavirus fears have hit Loudoun County — at least based on the crowds stocking up at area stores. Reports are coming in from multiple sources of crammed aisles, long lines and shelves empty of key items.

One source who was at the Leesburg Walmart said water, bleach, and ibuprofen were wiped out. Hand sanitizers have been sold out for days and disinfectant wipes are in scarce supply.

Another source at a local Costco said paper towels and toilet paper were sold out.

Some stores also appeared to be marketing to the coronavirus scare — moving critical items like antibacterial cleaning supplies to the front of the store.

One shopper compared the crowds to Black Friday. Another said it was like when a hurricane threatens Florida and people stock up — only this is happening nationwide.

Same thing is happening online where many brands of disinfect wipes, hand sanitizers and medical-type face masks are sold out and on back order.


  1. Rob Jones 3 years ago

    Goes to show how woefully unprepared people are in general when there’s a run on basics.

  2. Jim Dunning 3 years ago

    This is idiotic. The press and politicians need to stop.

  3. Peter Neth 3 years ago

    good stuff, thank you!

  4. Asswipè 3 years ago

    Way to feed the fear. You have no idea what is going on. This is not journalism. Shock jock at best.

    • Badwater 3 years ago


  5. Hwyman 3 years ago

    Good luck finding dust masks in any area Lowe’s or Home Depot. They have been sold out for days.

  6. Debbie 3 years ago

    I dont know what the hysteria is about because if you are going to get it you will get it but it doesnt mean you are going to die it might not be your turn to die and yes it is scary but come on people if you are that afraid just stay home and dont go out

  7. GrogNerd 3 years ago

    Probably make the regular flu a bit less severe for a while, so it’s not all gloom & doom & just coronavirus

  8. Coro Na 3 years ago


  9. Adam Grotke 3 years ago

    Lions and tigers and bears, and Corona virus, oh my. Welcome to the zombie apocalypse. LOL

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