Coronavirus concerns bring quick changes to area supermarkets

Plexiglass shields, sanitized carts and plastic gloves are just some of the new features.

It’s not just the empty toilet paper aisles that tell you things have changed at local grocery stores. The major chains in the area are making changes that drive home keeping customers and staff safe — and away from germs and each other.

Earlier this week, Giant Foods announced they would be installing plexiglass-type shields at their checkout lanes and customer service counters. And sure enough — they have already appeared at Giant stores locally, including the one at the Shops at Ryan Park in Ashburn.

Meanwhile, large stickers on the floor and posted signs ask shoppers to stay at least six feet away from other shoppers in the queue.

Over at the Harris Teeter store in the Southern Walk Plaza, there are also smaller plexiglass shields up. And while not new, plastic mitts meant to keep your hands clean hang next to the gas pumps at the Harris Teeter Fuel station. Now they serve the double purpose of helping customers avoid picking up the coronavirus.

Other changes at area supermarkets include the closure of self-serve food areas such as the hot bars at Wegmans in Leesburg and Sterling and the salad bars at Harris Teeters. At Trader Joe’s at One Loudoun, an employee is dedicated to sanitizing carts and cart handles for arriving customers, and at Harris Teeter, The Burn was handed a freshly sanitized shopping basket.



  1. Bill 3 years ago

    First time out in 7 days. Saturday went to While Foods at 7am for over 60 hours. Everyone kept their space/distance and staff was helpful. Did not want to pay $4 for loaf of bread so went to Giant in Ashburn Village. Normal hours and was pretty well stocked with bakery fully loaded. People were distancing very well. No crowd. I drove from Brambleton to Ashburn Whole Foods at 6:45 AM an literally saw only one other car.

    • Ann 3 years ago

      Bill, While I’m able to discern that you meant Whole Foods (instead of While), I can’t for the life of me understand what you mean when you say that you were there for “over 60 hours.” You obviously couldn’t have meant it literally, so just curious what you actually did mean? Stay safe!

  2. Mike M 3 years ago

    It would be helpful for grocery stores (especially Giant) to remove all the standees (food for sale but in the aisle, not on a shelf). While the stores are doing a great job stocking, the standees make it extremely difficult to stay any distance from others.

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