The Starbucks at the Broadlands Village Center in Ashburn is temporarily closed. That much we know. Why it’s closed — at least officially — is a mystery.

A sign blocks the entrance to the parking lot and a second one blocks the drive-thru lane. They read: “Our store is temporarily closed. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We are working to reopen our store as quickly as possible.”

Rumors are circulating that the reason for the closure is because of a positive coronavirus case among the store’s employees. Meanwhile, the Starbucks store in Lansdowne wrote on social media that the company is giving employees the option of taking 30 days paid leave, and many are opting for this, leading some stores to close. We reached out to Starbucks media representatives on Wednesday but  haven’t received a response. The property’s landlord has also not released any information.

Regardless of the reason, the store is closed — at least for the time being. Stay tuned.