Celebrate your graduating seniors in Ashburn Magazine

The July issue will have a special section highlighting local graduates.

Lots of families are looking for unique ways to celebrate their high school and college graduates during this unprecedented time. Ceremonies have moved online, parties have become immediate family only, and many of the highlights of senior year and graduation season have been postponed or lost for good.

But everyone still wants this year to be special for our seniors. Our partners at Ashburn Magazine have come up with a fun way to celebrate by creating a special Class of 2020 section in the upcoming July issue of the magazine. Proud parents and family members can submit a favorite photo of their senior, along with some details about their academic experience and future plans — and they will appear in a keepsake section of the magazine’s next issue.

Even better, for every senior who participates, $10 of the proceeds will go to their high school’s PTO organization. You can get all the pricing and details as well as submit your senior’s photo at this link.

Ashburn Magazine and The Burn wish the very best for all the graduates of 2020 and we celebrate your accomplishments!

(Photos at top via Creative Commons License: Tammy Anthony Baker, Leigh Klotz, Ali Hanno.)

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