Pier 1 in Leesburg likely to close as part of nationwide shutdown

The brand is asking a bankruptcy court for permission to close all its stores.

The days of the Pier 1 store in Leesburg appear to be numbered, as the entire chain is looking to go out of business. Nationally, news broke today that Pier One has asked a bankruptcy court for permission to wind down the business after failing to find a buyer.

Earlier this year, the chain closed its store in the Cascades Marketplace in Sterling along with many other locations. It was part of efforts to cut lower performing stores in order to keep the stronger ones going or find a buyer for the brand as a whole. But the forced temporary closures of all 540 stores in the chain due to the coronavirus pandemic appears to be the final nail in the coffin for company.

The Pier 1 store in Leesburg has been in its stand-alone building on Market Street for more than a decade. No official word on when it will reopen, but when it does, clearance sales are expected as they move to get rid of all inventory nationwide.

(Image at top: Google Maps)

  1. Bill Edwards 2 years ago

    I believe it has been there for perhaps 22 or more years by this time. When I lived in Leesburg I shopped there, and that was prior to 1998.

  2. Julie g 2 years ago

    What a bummer. Thanks Amazon for messing up the entire retail business. Why our government allowed a monopoly when it is against the law is beyond me. So sad. Sorry for all of the employees. Thanks for all the great service and products through the years. Bless everyone.

  3. Abbas Ballanah 2 years ago

    Perhaps now the proposed mosque on this site can be built

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