Lansdowne doughnut shop could be gone for good

The former Sugar Shack Donuts is closed and the owners say it’s unclear if they will reopen.

The troubled history of Sugar Shack Donuts — more recently Corner Donuts — in Lansdowne Square doesn’t seem to be getting any brighter. The shop is closed and apparently not offering donuts and coffee to go like so many other restaurants have been doing during the quarantine. And a sign on the door seems to indicate the closure could be permanent.

“It is with heavy heart that we announce the closure of Corner Donuts. We wish you all safety and well-being in this very tough time of COVID-19,” the message reads. “Our hope is to re-open our doors… but for now we are closed.”

The Burn has reached out to two of the executives involved in the doughnut shop as well as a representative for the landlord asking for more information, but no responses thus far.

Longtime readers will recall that way back in July 2017, The Burn first broke the news of Sugar Shack Donuts opening in the new retail center next door to the Lansdowne Town Center. Construction started and then stopped — for close to a year or more. There was some snafu between the owners of the building, the Sugar Shack folks and the residents who live in the residential portion of Lansdowne Square. Finally, around May 2019, construction resumed and the shop finally opened its doors last September. Fast forward to March 2020 and the owners of the shop decided to part ways with the Sugar Shack brand and rename the store Corner Donuts. And then came Covid-19 and what may have been the final nail.

You can see The Burn’s extensive Sugar Shack Donuts coverage here. (Are there Pulitzers for doughnut shop coverage? Asking for a friend.) Stay tuned for future developments.

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