Local man celebrates 21st birthday with curbside happy hour

Cars were honking their well wishes as they passed by.

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For many young adults, turning 21 is a big milestone — their first legal drink and usually a fun night out at the bars with friends. But what happens when the bars — along with restaurants, clubs and breweries — are closed due to the coronavirus? That’s the predicament that faced Broadlands resident Jason Oakes, who turns 21 today.

So he decided to have some fun and hold his own happy hour, sitting at the corner of Waxpool Road and Lefevre Inn Drive. Ensconced in a lawn chair, Oakes enjoyed an adult beverage surrounded by signs that read: “It’s my 21st” and “You honk, I drink.” He was joined for happy hour by his friend John Wells.

“I had a friend who did this for his 21st a few months ago, and I thought it was funny and I kind of wanted to do it too,” Oakes said. “What else are you going to do in quarantine?”

Neighbors out for an evening walk were dropping off beverages for the birthday boy. At press time, Oakes was enjoying a bottled Seagram’s Escape Strawberry Daquiri, while Wells had a Corona. And lots of car drivers were honking their well wishes.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Oakes — to you and everyone else turning 21 during this unusual time.

(Photo at top: Jason Oakes (right) and his friend, John Wells, enjoy happy hour.)