Jason Bursey, the owner of Parallel Wine & Whiskey Bar in the Broadlands, took to Facebook this afternoon in a live video to discuss the social media firestorm that has surrounded him and his business over the last 24 hours. The storm started with a social media post that accused Bursey of racism for a t-shirt with the slogan “Drunk Wives Matter,” a take-off on the “Black Lives Matter” movement that started in 2013. (See the full story here.)

In his Facebook Live, Bursey addresses the t-shirt controversy and denies any racist or ill intent, but he does not really discuss other social media posts he has allegedly made on his personal Facebook page that have angered many. Screenshots of these comments are circulating widely. (The Burn has seen these images, but cannot independently verify them and thus, we are not sharing them.) But Monday morning, we did ask Bursey about comments and opinions he shares via his personal page.

“My personal page is my personal page and I get into it all day long on Facebook — all day long — over a lot of different issues. Some conservative, some not so much. I think for myself,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s hard. Yes, I’m a business owner, but I’m also an individual. I have my own personal ideas on things. That’s why I have my Parallel page and my personal page, I don’t push my political views into my restaurant.”

Here is a link to Bursey’s Facebook Live.