Local teen celebrates by waterskiing in his graduation gown

Aiden Bullis says he was trying to make a fun memory to end his high school years.

Aiden Bullis recently graduated from Tuscarora High School in Leesburg. Like most every other member of the Class of 2020, the end to his senior year was disappointing — with so many fun traditions and ceremonies canceled or scaled back due to the coronavirus. So Aiden decided to make some fun of his own.

On a family trip to Lake Anna this past weekend, the 18 year-old — who is headed to Clemson University this fall —  hit the water wearing a pair of skis and his graduation gown. His mom says he laughed and smiled the whole time he was out on the water and his grandparents were on hand watching him — a nice treat since they hadn’t been able to attend the socially distanced graduation ceremony held at the high school.

Here is some video of Aiden’s “alternative graduation walk.” No word if Pomp and Circumstance was playing anywhere in the area, but we like to imagine it was.

Aiden Bullis waterskiing in his graduation gown

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