Himalayan Wild Yak restaurant coming to Brambleton Town Center

The restaurant is going in next to the movie theater and will specialize in Nepalese cuisine.

A new restaurant focusing on Nepalese cuisine is planning on opening in the Brambleton Town Center this coming spring. It will be called Himalayan Wild Yak and it’s coming from Dip Magar, the owner of the Royal Nepal Restaurant over in Alexandria.

Himalayan Wild Yak will open on the first floor of the restaurant space next door to the Regal Fox movie theater. That’s the spot that was previously the Lost Rhino Retreat.

Image: Royal Nepal Restaurant
Image: Royal Nepal Restaurant

While the menu for Himalayan Wild Yak isn’t finalized yet, we know that it will specialize in dishes from Nepal, similar to ones featured at his Royal Nepal restaurant. Magar says they will offer momo, which are steamed dumplings filled with ingredients that could include chicken, goat, boar or yak. They are also planning on serving various curries and tandoori dishes.

Images: Royal Nepal Restaurant

Also intriguing — the menu at Royal Nepal location features a Warm Chocolate Melting Cake — a dessert made famous on Carnival cruise line ships. And indeed, Magar spent time working for Carnival and plans to bring that sweet treat to Loudoun County as well.



  1. Mark 4 years ago

    Wish them luck, but can’t see this one lasting more than a year. That shopping certain has not been kind to so many restaurants especially niche ones.

  2. Sherpa 4 years ago

    Any idea when they going to open the restaurant? I loved their food when I was at Royal Nepal restaurant branch. Wish it comes here sooner.

  3. Steve 4 years ago

    With all those houses around that shopping center you would think they would be able to attract more food options like this one. Its like the land of the misfit stores. Nothing lasts there. Must be a rent/landlord issue…

  4. Regina 2 years ago

    The food was excellent (tasty, spiced just right, aromatic and succulent). We tried several different dishes and all fantastic, especially the dumplings! The service friendly and professional. Hope they last.
    Sending much good luck wishes/ blessings and good vibes their way.

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