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Gold’s Gym may take old Bloom grocery store space

The former supermarket space has sat empty for eight years now.

Big news for the many folks in Ashburn who have wondered what would happen with the former Bloom grocery store space in Ashburn. The Burn has learned that a Gold’s Gym is eyeing the spot.

The 38,000 s.f. anchor space has sat empty in the Village Center at Belmont Greene shopping plaza off Belmont Ridge Road since 2012. That’s when parent company Food Lion shuttered its Bloom brand of stores, including the Belmont Greene location. The rest of the shopping center has made a go of it — Ledo Pizza and Hunan Village, a Chinese food restaurant have been stalwarts there since the Bloom days, along with some salons and fitness studios. But the center has been sorely lacking an anchor tenant in that huge center space.

Image: Gold’s Gym

There was a proposal back in 2019 to tear down the shopping center and put additional residential housing up but none of those plans have come to fruition. If Gold’s were to come in — and we should stress the proposal appears to be very preliminary at this point — that would be an obvious sign the shopping center itself was off the chopping block.

(Image at top: H&R Retail)


  1. anonymous 2 years ago

    The Supervisors denied the Belmont Greene Revitalization application at the September 15 2020 meeting. Item 9

  2. BG Resident 2 years ago

    The fitness studio mentioned in the second-to-last-paragraph is a locally-owned gym at the Village Center called Tru=Strength. Wife and I used to be Gold’s Gym members, and she goes to Tru now. Gold’s is OK but the personal attention at Tru is better and you don’t have the sense there of being regarded as just another user account as you would with the larger chains. I’d like to think we’d want to see local businesses survive and be successful, especially now.

  3. Jim 2 years ago

    The Halloween store was there for the past two Halloweens so it hasn’t been completely empty. Also, you have to feel bad for the small, non-corporate gym that is in the shopping center that almost surely won’t survive with a major company like Gold’s moving in.

  4. Anonymous 2 years ago

    Amendment, as this store closed before the Bloom brand went under:

    Other than that, I would rather see this site go back to Food Lion, making for faster shopping trips in the community, especially since the site should now have better visibilty.

  5. Jon Benigno 11 months ago

    golds gym ashburn, opened since 2010 just issued notice to it’s members that they will be closing in less than a week on 9/9/2021. I hope they take this new spot in the article..that said, they are closing and still are in search of a new lease somewhere so they still have to build it out..i’m guessing that the new gym will hopefully be open by the end of 2022.

    • Chris Wadsworth 11 months ago

      Golds is not going to the former Bloom spot. They are looking elsewhere now.

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