Ashburn boy really, really excited about season’s first flurries

The clip of the boy’s excitement made it onto the local news.

Most of us probably feel a little thrill when we see the first snowflakes of the season. We may even step outside to catch one in the palm of our hand. But one little Ashburn boy’s reaction to flurries earlier this week was hilarious — and just what we needed after this often gloomy year. Shanyn DoCarmo captured her son Brady’s excitement on one of the family’s Ring cameras.

According to his mom, 8-year-old Brady later pulled out his sled and tried to slide on the grass. The video ended up making its way to Channel 4, the local NBC station, and the morning news team featured the video on their program. You can see the news clip here. “Thank the heavens” indeed.


  1. Paulz 2 years ago

    Sorry, but I’d have to move….. I bet no one sleeps in on a Saturday on that street!

    • Josiah 2 years ago

      It’s also 11:17am when he ran outside. If you haven’t slept in by 11am, that’s on you.

  2. Scott Gammans 2 years ago

    That is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in months. Thanks Brady (and Brady’s mom!) for injecting a little cheer into this miserable year.

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