It’s been a while since we’ve had a good mystery, one we couldn’t quickly get answers for — but a new pizza place may fit the bill. The Burn has learned that a new create-your-own pizza brand called My Own Pizza may be looking at a location in Ashburn.

Here’s what we’ve pieced together. On the My Own Pizza website, it says the brand has one location on Wisconsin Avenue NW in DC. It also says it has two other locations “coming soon” including one in Ashburn. A precise location isn’t given. When we look up the address on Wisconsin Avenue, it’s actually a Z Burger location. Z Burger is a small DC-based hamburger chain with apparently six locations in the District and nearby Maryland. The founder of Z Burger — Peter Tabibian — is also reportedly behind the My Own Pizza concept. We called Z Burger and the employee who answered said they weren’t offering the pizza yet, but it was coming soon. The Burn has sent an email to Tabibian and we’re awaiting a response.

If, indeed, My Own Pizza is a new brand coming to the region and if, indeed, a location is coming to Ashburn, it looks like it will follow a similar concept to MOD Pizza in the Belmont Chase shopping center. Customers will select their choice of cheese and toppings to design their own pizza, or they can choose from a menu of curated pizzas, calzones, salads and other items. The menu is posted below and, in the meanwhile, stay tuned and we’ll hopefully get more information.

Images: My Own Pizza