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Negotiations underway over future of ChefScape at the Village at Leesburg

The food hall and commercial kitchen is home to more than 30 local food vendors.

Alarming news tonight on the local foodie front — as the unique ChefScape operation at the Village at Leesburg braces for some changes. Exactly what is going to happen next at the food hall and commercial kitchen facility is still being negotiated by the parties involved.

Here’s what we know. Like so many other restaurants and food-related businesses, ChefScape has struggled during the COVID-19 restrictions over the past year. The rent on the 16,000+ s.f. space has become a significant issue and the owners have been negotiating with Rappaport, the landlord at the Village at Leesburg, trying to find a solution amenable to both sides. The final details are still being worked out and an announcement is expected as soon as tomorrow.

Many passers-by at the shopping center may not realize that ChefScape is actually the home of more than 30 local businesses that use the commercial kitchen facilities there. This includes local food trucks and local caterers as well as mail-order and food delivery businesses. Plus there are several restaurants with kiosks in the ChefScape food court. Recently, the popular delivery service LoudounGo, which connects consumers with local farms and artisan food vendors, has also based its operations at ChefScape. Because the situation involves so many Leesburg businesses, the city’s Economic Development department has gotten involved and is helping the parties seek a solution.

“We are working hard to restructure our business, keeping our kitchen members first and foremost in our minds to ensure the continued success of their businesses,” ChefScape owner Ginny Grivas told The Burn. “We are actively negotiating with our landlord to restructure our lease in this challenging time of a pandemic.”

In the meanwhile, Rappaport has listed the entire 16,000+ s.f. space as “available” for lease — apparently as a back-up plan if a deal is not reached.

  1. Delbert Pointdexter 3 years ago

    They should have kept it a BBQ joint. It was great.

  2. Nicole 3 years ago

    Man, I really hope something is worked out. ChefScape is a brilliant idea and provides such a great and unique service to the community. These property landlords are giving no wiggle room to businesses and its sickening. They are unregulated and can charge anything…so tired of it!!

    • Fred 3 years ago

      I don’t understand this comment. The landlord brings a “brilliant idea” that “provides such a great and unique service to the community,” and then apparently is not getting paid for the concept he conceived and you are “sickened” by his decision to shut it down?? Last I checked, landlord is in the business of making money, not providing social welfare for you to buy your gluten free muffin and organic coffee.

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