Kindness rock garden and rainbow tree have Leesburg buzzing

The colorful art installation is meant to uplift and inspire.

A graphic artist in Leesburg has taken her mission to spread kindness and goodwill outside into her yard, where she has created a “Kindness Rocks” rock garden and an amazing Rainbow Tree. Now, word is spreading beyond the neighborhood as local media are picking up on this “feel good” story.

The art installment is the work of Margie Hunter, who lives on Graywood Way NE in Leesburg. The Rainbow Tree is covered in different colored crocheted squares that Hunter has sewn onto the tree, like a giant sweater. Lining a pathway next to her house is a multi-colored rock garden. Many of the rocks are painted with inspirational sayings. There are also 24 tiny buckets filled with painted rocks hanging on the fence, so that visitors can take their own rock home, decorate it and then return and add it to the garden.

WJLA, the ABC station in Washington DC, is reportedly working on a story about Hunter and her latest kindness initiative. She’s gotten press coverage previously for her efforts to leave uplifting chalk messages on on the sidewalk in front of her home. Meanwhile, Hunter has humorously absolved her husband of any responsibility for the colorful craziness with a special sign posted in the yard.

Images: Margie Hunter



  1. Melissa 3 years ago

    The tree sweater is a bit much. There are birds who rely on dwelling in tree cavities and picking at the bark for bugs.

    • Really?!? 3 years ago

      The sweather has holes and there are plenty of other trees for the birds and bugs to enjoy.

    • Dano 3 years ago

      There are 100+ acres of trees literally across the street in Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park. Why do you feel the need to be negative…does it make you feel better?

    • M Hunter 3 years ago

      My next-door-neighbor’s son suddenly died, recently. I would cut down this and the other 13 trees on my property if it would bring a smile back to this mother’s face, even for a moment. Instead, I chose to create a bright and cheerful reminder to her and everyone that life is still so beautiful, if you choose to open your eyes and see it. Your remark is the perfect example why we all need to love more and judge less. BTW, this tree has no cavities for birds to crawl in (but they can nest in all the beautiful birdhouses in the tree…and they do!) and the holes in the yarn patches promote bug colonies. So there’s that. Keep smiling, Melissa.

      • Barbara in Ashburn 3 years ago

        Kind of a snarky reply from someone professing to promote unity, no? I guess just as long as it’s the kind of unity you approve of though, right? Bet if someone took an anonymous poll of all the folks in your neighborhood to see what they think of your “look at me” tree you’d find that lots consider it an eyesore.

        • Kindness Rules 2 years ago

          I think it brings more happiness than the few who think it’s an eyesore. The one in our neighborhood brings happiness to people when they are hurting. That’s what it’s all about. No need for all the negative judgment. There is already way too much of that in the world – why do you think there is a need for this Kindness Project?

  2. Linda 3 years ago

    Uh! The birds can live in the beautiful luxury bird house that are hanging on the same tree. Keep smiling it looks good on you 🙂

  3. Amanda 3 years ago

    Excellent project, don’t understand why some people have to be so negative.

  4. Gale Lucase 3 years ago

    Are you serious!?! With all of the other millions of trees around, do you think that really matters? Also, after looking at the tree sweater carefully, Margie Hunter had to have taken many weeks to crochet this beautiful tree sweater. When you think about it, she had to have measured the trunk and every limb; crocheted the parts to fit the limbs perfectly; and after placing them carefully on the branches, she would have had to crocheted them together to fit the tree limbs perfectly, etc. It’s so beautiful and how did she even think of this? The rocks are time-consuming and beautiful! People actually take a piece of Margie’s heart home with them to treasure or share the love. God bless this ingenious and giving woman! I hope I get to meet her someday.

  5. rebecca 2 years ago

    Beautiful!! A GF at work told me about your beautiful artwork, is there an address I can plug into my GPS to do a drive by ?? With a camera …

  6. Becky Weber 1 year ago

    I’m sorry you have negative comments on here. And for the record, I love your response! My daughter’s rabbit just died and I had heard that you are able to do something special. Is that correct? I’d love to find out. Thank you!

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