Signs are up at new Bojangles restaurant in Sterling

The popular southern chain is opening up in the Potomac Run Plaza.

It’s always a big day when the signs go up on a new restaurant or retail business — a milestone on the path to opening. So fried chicken fans in Loudoun can celebrate because today, the signs went up on the new Bojangles Famous Chicken n Biscuits restaurant in Sterling.

The Bojangles restaurant is completely making over a former bank building.
One of the new Bojangles signs lying on the ground, waiting for the workmen to mount it on the building.

The Burn was the first media outlet to break the news about Bojangles coming to Loudoun — way back in December 2019. The brand’s arrival is noteworthy because there are no locations of the popular southern chicken chain in Northern Virginia. The closest Virginia locations are in Winchester and Fredericksburg. In DC, there’s an outlet in Union Station.

Image: Bojangles

The new Bojangles is opening in the Potomac Run Plaza shopping center near the corner of Cascades Parkway and Bartholomew Fair Drive. There’s still no official date for opening, but based on where they are in the construction process, late March or sometime in April seems likely.

  1. Ray J 3 years ago

    There is nothing that distinguishes Bojangles from Popeye’s, KFC or Chick fil-A. Just another average fast food place that will generate very little enthusiasm and will close within a year.

    • TitanG545 3 years ago

      Hate to admit it but you are right, never been a fan of them. However my wife loves them. Nothing special at all about the chain.

  2. Jeff Baines 3 years ago

    I’d say there is quite a bit of enthusiasm, at least in the short run. Just drove by there and lost count at 87 cars in the drive thru. They extended all the way down past the Auto Zone shop. Must be giving away free food.

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